ClusSport Thematic Partnership meeting

01 October 2018

Friday 28th, Budapest (Hungary).

Enrique Alcántara, Head of Innovation in Sports at IBV, took part in the ClusSport Thematic Partnership meeting hold in Budapest last week.

The participant in the meeting discussed about ClusSport Partnership status and objectives and also the next steps and co-investments protocols. Afterwards, different initiatives were presented as Occupational Vitality in South Netherlands,  Smart vital cities in South Netherlands, Smart Gyms in Kainuu region, or Sport Industry 4.0 in Valencia.

The main objective of ClusSport is to help strengthen the sport industries at the EU level. This interregional partnership will bring together stakeholders from the sport sector and related industries. Research, technology and education providers and managing authorities will be invited to join efforts in developing and implementing a common strategy that will enable investments and establish research facilities across Europe.

Within this thematic area there is a will to reinforce the regional innovation capacity to facilitate investments based on open innovation infrastructure or new technology by clusters in regional innovation ecosystems. The other aim is to spread the knowledge of expert organisations to support regional growth and new work opportunities. Finally, to identify opportunities for joint-demonstration between regions which will be based on a mapping exercise and what are the complementary advantages between existing demonstration facilities and industry needs. By using the expertise of this Industrial modernisation partnership, we could find the practises, which will stimulate active lifestyle to turn healthcare to proactive care for health and new work possibilities. Physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for diseases and youth unemployment is severe European problem.

Interregional collaboration might support:

The evidence that support actions are needed for the area of sport & vitality;
To create the critical mass to develop break-through actions;
To develop different models for public-private partnerships that are needed in this area (in particular considering transforming healthcare into proactive care for health)
All participating regions are seeing themselves as regions boosting innovations development in sport. The consortium is covering the sport field from the different types of outdoor to indoor physical activities. There are partners focusing on the top sport facilities development, having different testing and development environments, living labs, supporting sport to become regular social phenomena and supporting the development of the new sport innovations. In addition, sport is often in relation to other industries, like tourism. The ClusSport consortium provides the platform where the interfaces create perfect breeding ground to treat sport as an emerging industry creating real possibility for the new entrepreneurship. The partner regions and organisations in the ClusSport complete the missing competences of each other.

The consortium is supported by The European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI) which is a major network in implementing the strategy that the regions will create. EPSI will coordinate the activities among its members in the sport area in order to boost investments and foster collaboration among the stakeholders along the sport value chain in Europe. EPSI will serve as a focal point in order to coordinate a wide range of activities at national and EU level. EPSI will also make recommendations for the European Commission to include wider consideration of the Sport domain on its research agenda. Gathering forces through the value chain and sharing knowledge will help in coordinating sport EU initiatives.

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