IBV presents in Switzerland smartphone 3D scanning technologies

01 December 2016

Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) is taking part in the VII 3D Body Scanning Technologies Conference and Exhibition that is being hold in Lugano (Switzerland).

IBV has presented at this conference and exhibition its mobile scanning apps for estimating human 3D shapes (full bodies, feet) using a regular smartphone.

IBV also showed other specialized services in Anthropometry as Technology transfer and partnership for the development and application of innovative 3D body shape analysis tools.

Industry Connections 3D Body Processing

IBV is a reference center in Anthropometry at international level counting on a multidisciplinary team of experts in ergonomics, anthropometry, 3D scanning technology and artificial vision.

For this reason, it collaborates with the IEEE Standards Association Industry Connections program, that brings together focused interest groups to address standards related considerations in emerging technology areas. IBV is specifically working with the Industry Connections 3D Body Processing group that brings together an ecosystem of players to co-develop an assessment of standards needs and to propose new standard(s) around enabling 3D body processing which includes the capture, processing, storage, sharing and (augmented) representation for "Of-the-body" and "On-the-body" technologies.

This exploration includes identification and classification of types and uses cases for 3D body processing; identification of gaps in existing nascent standards and recommended practices as 3D body processing spreads beyond first adopters; identifying needs and develop proposals for new standards and best practices for 3D body processing and adjacent technologies (like 2D augmented reality).

Conference and exhibition
This conference and its parallel exhibition aim to fulfil the demand for an international event focused on 3D human body scanning technologies, 3D human body measurement methods and applications. This event is the world leading technical platform dedicated to these specific fields.

In the last two decades, 3D scanning technologies developed in other industrial sectors were successfully applied to the measurement and scanning of the human body. Methods and techniques are continuously ameliorated, more efficient and performing scanning systems are produced every year and new software tools are developed unceasingly.

Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) is a non-profit Research Organisation that studies the interaction of the human body with products and environments. Our research activity is gathered into four research groups: Anthropometry, Human Kinematics, Human-Product Interfaces and Health Promotion.

Further information in the attached file about IBV Applied Anthropometry and 3D Human Modelling.

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