INNO4SPORT stakeholder group met in Valencia

04 December 2018

The meeting was coordinated by IBV and IVACE with a massive stakeholder’s participation.


The valencia stakeholders group of inno4sports group met in Valencia on November 9th with the purpose of discussing the regional state of affairs in Sports innovation and identifying challenges for the future of the sport in the Region of Valencia as well as innovation opportunities. This is the second meeting, after the first one held in July. The meeting coincided with regional second meeting of the LABs Esport RIS3CV.

RIS3CV is the strategy of intelligent specialization in research and innovation of the Valencian Community, approved by the European Commission and which guides the application of the structural funds that Europe grants to the CV in the field of research and innovation for the period 2014-2020.

Within it, the LABs are platforms for the participation of actors at thematic level. They start from a dynamic nucleus formed by the heads of the GVA, business representatives, researchers representing the knowledge centres and representatives of user entities.

INNO4SPORTS interreg
There is a close collaboration within LABs Esport RIS3CV and Inno4Sport, leaded by the participation of IBV and IVACE in both experiences.

This stakeholders group represents the quadruple helix of the sport innovation ecosystem in the CV. We find in it many players representing each group. For the industrial sports sector, we have different companies from manufacturers to sports clubs (helix 1, industry). We have research centres, such as the IBV, universities like Univesitat Jaume I and the Universitas Miguel Hernandez representing helix 2, academy. For the helix 3, public administration, we find the Valencian Tourism Agency, the General Directorate of Sports, the General Directorate of Health Promotion of the Department of Health of the GVA and the IVACE. Finally sports federations, groups of athletes, trade unions and professional associations such as Professional Sports Managers of the Valencian Community represent the helix 4, civil society.

IBV has collaborated in the definition of this stakeholder group together with IVACE a to locate the representative agents of the quadruple helix of the sector in the Valencian Community taking into account a transversal vision that also includes the relations between sport, health and tourism.
Enrique Alcántara, director of Innovation in Sports of the IBV emphasizes that "sports practice contributes to the welfare and health of citizens. 53.8% of the population in the CV already practices a sport, but this percentage may rise up to ones of the leading regions of our environment, where it is close to 60%. In this challenge, there are plenty of innovation opportunities that can definitely contribute to the social and economic development of the region."

The IBV participates together with IVACE in the Interreg Inno4Sports project, with eight partners from six different European countries: Holland, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Poland and Belgium.
Inno4Sports places itself in the context of socio economic transformations in Europe that open up new dimensions for the capitalisation of sports ecosystems. The potentials of Sport ecosystems have started to be been recognized at EU level as drivers for innovation and growth with a high potential for cross-sectoral spill-overs and interlinkages with various societal and economic fields.
Inno4Sports regions share the ambition to address a common objective, namely to improve the performance and efficiency of development programmes that are able to support sports clusterisation processes based on quadruple helix cooperation, and by doing so, promote the innovative value chains of sports.

During the meeting, the stakeholders identified the following challenges:
♦ Make the Valencian Community a benchmark in sustainable aquatic facilities for active leisure and sports
♦ Convert the cultural-sporting resources of the Valencian Community into tourist products
♦ Sport everybody, sport always
♦ Sport Stay in Valencian Community

The next Inno4Sports meeting will be in Amsterdam on December 10th 2018, where the conclusions of the Valencia meeting will be shared with the rest of the European partners.

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