Children and childcare
Innovation, quality, customisation, digitalisation…the industry for children’s products faces big challenges and opportunities to make products healthier and more attractive for clients and the end users.
Footwear, clothing, medical devices, furniture, safety and mobility: at the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) we help companies foster children’s well being and development.
We put our experience and knowledge in anthropometry, biomechanics, ergonomics, comfort and trends at the service of companies to boost development of children’s products more suited to their needs in their different stages of growth.

We help respond to these essential challenges


Growth, changes in body shapes and learning to crawl and walk are all processes that influence the design of products to foster healthy growth.

For this reason, it is essential that design processes for children’s products include aspects such as the anthropometric and functional characteristics of the child population in their different stages of development.


New technologies offer the possibility of connecting with the user as never before, learning their sizes, interests and tastes. This information, if suitably analysed and processed, enables a new generation of products and services to be provided.


Lifestyles change and with them the ways products are used. Even the materials change.

Ergonomics, biomechanics and user experience must be taken into account to foster comfort and well-being in the use of products.

Our solutions
We help to develop children’s products by means of the following solutions:
Fotografía de un teléfono móvil mostrando el resultado en 3D de una figura humana

We provide the scientific foundations in ergonomics, biomechanics, anthropometry and user experience (UX) so our clients can include the most advanced knowledge in designing children’s products.

Our R&D projects are intended to generate knowledge about characteristics of the children’s population in order to apply it to satisfy the specific needs of companies developing software applications and products.

Fotografía cenital de dos personas trabajando en unas mesas modulares que forman un pentágono
Technological consultancy

We analyse clients’ specific needs and put forward the best solutions for their products to take into account children’s needs and characteristics for healthy growth and development.

We also make recommendations about dimensions to create sizes according to age, materials and shapes in order to foster comfort, and about functions to ensure proper use, as well as recommendations about design to improve the user’s experience and their well-being.

Fotografía de unos pies de niño en máquina para medirlos
Inspections and testing

We carry out testing tailored to our clients’ needs and to meet regulations, accompanying them in the design processes and in improving their products, from the initial concept stages to the end of the detailed design.

With a multidisciplinary team of experts, we carry out tests on static and thermal comfort, functional characteristics and evaluations of the usability of children’s products, all of which enables an evaluation of their compliance based on the standards and requirements for designing the product.

R&D projects


Technology to customize pattern and purchase decision of children’s clothing.


An anthropometric study of the European children’s population to improve the safety, ergonomics and psychomotricity of products for children.


Procedure for agile development of innovative products and services based on user experience design methods (UX).
Success stories


BIOMECHANICS. Development of innovative children’s footwear for the phase of crawling and early steps.


The environment as an aid to learning.
Our clients