Technologies for patient monitoring

The monitoring and assessment of people’s characteristics and needs in real time has a paramount importance in social and health care processes. This information is essential to define customized interventions, their scope and appropriate moment to implement them; besides, monitoring health status allows professionals to evaluate the evolution of the patients and the success of the interventions, representing a key element for any care process.

At the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) we have a huge experience in the development of different technologies, specially aimed at meeting professionals needs, focused on assessing the functional state of patients from a physical, cognitive, physiological or even emotional point of view, enhancing decision making processes related to patients’ health improvement and risks prevention.

The disruptive nature of the technological solutions developed by IBV and their easy deployment within socio-health care processes, represent a step forward in the current state of the art and a valuable asset for the improvement of people quality of life.

Discover our technologies

Fallskip. Innovation and accuracy
to assess fall risk in older adults

A biomechanical application that allows clinicians to evaluate older adults’ fall risk, attributed to their functional state.