3D scanning and modeling technologies

At the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) we provide technological solutions based on a person’s anthropometry to help develop innovative business models in a multitude of industries such as healthcare, clothing, retail, fitness and wellness, sports, video games and more.

We have high resolution scanning technology and create
mathematical models based on large databases that enable precise, automatic 3D reconstruction of the body and its parts. 3D Reconstruction can be carried out based on different input data such as two photos from any mobile device, body measurements taken by the person her/himself or a point cloud or mesh obtained from any scanner

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Fotografia en detalle de la pantalla de teléfono móvil de la medición con Avatar Body de un hombre de frente
3D scanning technologies for smartphones and mobile devices

At the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) we have developed technology enabling 3D reconstruction of the body and its parts using a smartphone or mobile device. Using anthropometric databases from different population groups, we generate algorithms integrated into our technologies that allow precise, automatic 3D avatars to be created.

There are many applications for our solutions, providing a response to the needs of industries such as retail, clothing, footwear, healthcare, fitness, etc. in matters like personalisation of the product, improvement of size-adjustment systems in e-commerce, monitoring physical activity programmes, etc.

3D avatar body

An app to record the 3D shape of the user’s body using only two photos,
enabling the user to be digitalized.

3D avatar feet

An app to record the 3D shape of a foot with only three photos. Easily integrated into design processes for footwear or online sales.


The best digital foot scanner on the market for retail shops. In just a few seconds it generates a digital reconstruction of the foot’s shape and calculates its measurements.
Modelos en 3D de deportista para medir el movimiento en el deporte
Solutions to generate 3D avatars

It is possible to analyse the body’s 3D shape, posture and movement thanks to advanced 3D avatar generation technology. This is done using different input data such as a set of measurements, two photos taken using a smartphone, or data obtained with a 3D scanner.

There are many industries where it can be applied, ranging from fashion and clothing, video games, fitness and wellness, healthcare and more.

3D face scanner

At the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) we have high resolution 3D scanning technology to create business solutions based on people’s anthropometry.

Our technology is based on passive stereo scanning, this device reconstructs the face’s 3D geometry with great precision, including its texture. It can be used to control the effectiveness and follow-up of facial surgery treatments, and for fitting and personalisation purposes of a product.