Tourism and leisure

The new era of tourism clearly involves technological change, environmental responsibility and the demands of a new society.

At the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV), we help different stakeholders in the tourism and leisure industry to create and maintain value over time. We do so by providing support in developing products and services to achieve the utmost acceptance and profitability in the market, involving the end user’s needs and expectations in a market that is ever more digitalised, experience-based and committed to new, healthier and more responsible habits.

We help respond to these essential challenges


New technologies are making it possible to offer tourists personalised experiences to match their tastes and preferences. Companies will only be successful in introducing these technologies if they include current and future customers’ needs and aspirations in their strategy, and base their differentiation on ease of use and customisation.


Demographic changes have led to the appearance of
new kinds of tourists. New consumer habits and behaviour patterns mean that companies need to analyse the cognitive, emotional and functional aspects of such tourists, which influence their satisfaction and the quality they perceive, in order to improve their experience.


Experiential tourism, which is growing in demand, seeks to break away from the day-to-day of mass tourism. The key to this type of tourism is to design unrepeatable life experiences that carry the tourist away from their daily life, seeking different interactions with the destination. To do so, it is essential to learn their needs and expectations.

Our solutions
We help companies in the tourism and leisure industry with the following solutions:
Fotografía de la pantalla de una tablet tomando la imafen del Coliseo y con explicación del monumento. Al fondo el Coliseo

We obtain information about users’ interaction with the products, environs and services used by people.

We help those who work in the industry to generate knowledge enabling them to develop innovative products and services that take into account the users’ opinion, needs and preferences, as well as anthropometric, ergonomic and functional criteria.

Fotografía de una pared con notas adhesivas y hojas de horarios siendo consultados
Technological consultancy

We provide assessment in lean methods for agile creation of products and services to match users’ needs and characteristics (UX).

Working hand-in-hand with a multi-disciplinary team of experts in design, user experience, usability and accessibility, we help companies develop the minimum viable products that are easy to test in the market. This enables them to reach the target tourists by taking into account their tastes and preferences.

Proyectos de I+D


Development of a comprehensive system for self-assessment of accessibility in tourist facilities.

Success stories


Definition of spa services in accordance with the needs of the elderly.
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