3D-body-dynamics. New 3D digital human modelling method. Deformation of soft tissue due to changes in posture and movement.

The project aims to make headway in modelling the deformation of the body’s soft tissues when there is a change in posture or during motion.


In today’s context of digital reconversion of processes, companies are now making a commitment to overhauling the innovation and design process for products and modernising the shopping experience by including digital information about the user. The process of digitisation that many companies are implementing in manufacturing products is spreading to the sphere of conceptualisation, design and sales. This is a new paradigm that is being implemented in all of the processes in companies.

Many companies have mentioned the need to have animated body avatars to simulate motion realistically. This enables them to innovate in the process of developing new products and to connect this process with the production phases.

There is a growing trend of introducing simulation technology and virtual and augmented reality in the sales process, whether in shops or online. This supports and stimulates the shopping experience. Realistic avatars and representations of natural, precise motion are also in demand in the industry.

3D body dynamics fig 01

Aware of this, IBV proposes the 3D body dynamics project as a step forward towards meeting such needs. To do so, IBV’s scanning laboratory will generate data that will enable the following outcomes to be seen:

1. New body mesh topology suited to 3D animation.

2. A model of soft tissues.

3. A new method of animating body meshes.

4. A method for inter-frame, point-to-point correspondence.

5. Adaptation of the 4D anthropometry laboratory to capture and animate body avatars.

6. A demonstrator in one of the industries of interest.

Collaborating companies


Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV)

Companies cooperating in the project:

MLS Elebe 1992


IVRE- Institut Valencià de Recuperació Esportiva


Duration and reference no.

Start date: 01-01-2018
End date: 31-12-2018
Project reference no.: IMDEEA/2018/58

Its funding was requested in 2018 in the call for aid by the Valencia Business Competitiveness Institute (IVACE) aimed at technological centres in the Valencia Community region for the 2018 tax year, with the support of IVACE (Valencia regional government, Generalitat) and 50% co-funding by the European Union via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the ERDF’s Operational Programme for the Valencia Community region, with case no. IMDEEA/2018/89.

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