Defining and developing postural and thermal comfort models to create strategies for designing and evaluating products

In order for companies to be able to quickly and smoothly assess postural and thermal comfort during user-product interaction and thus optimize the design of their products, IBV will deepen their knowledge in artificial vision, thermal vision, the relationships between objective and subjective parameters, and 3D reconstruction.



The aim of this project (which forms the second year of the CoPET project) is to validate the models generated in the first year about applications and products from various companies in the Valencia Community region. The intention is to assess comfort in a controlled sample of users and thereby use the results to hone the models (objective-subjective comparison model, 2D model of postural comfort based on artificial vision, 3D model of thermal comfort) obtained in 2018.

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Thanks to the results obtained, companies in the Valencia Community region will be able to use optimal strategies to assess, validate and design products to define the postural and thermal comfort required by a product quickly and efficiently.

To do so, we have put forward the following specific aims:

1. To look into the relationship between the objective physical and mechanical parameters and people’s perception, covering postural and thermal aspects.

2. To review the libraries associated with artificial vision in order to implement algorithms applicable to the detection and monitoring of angles and postures via video in real time.

3. To combine 3D reconstruction research with thermal imaging techniques based on infra-red images in order to create volumetric thermal maps. These models will make it easier to define thermal comfort in products while focusing on anthropometric solutions, rehabilitation and an evaluation of the user’s functional state and health.

4. To validate the models obtained. The first beta versions of the models developed during the first year will be evaluated with pilots, demos and products from the sectors and products involved in order to evaluate the models and also to attain an improved version of each.

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Collaborating companies




Duration and reference no.

Start date: 01-01-2019
End date: 31-12-2019
Project reference no.: IMDEEA/2019/14

Project (IMDEEA/2019/14) funded by the 2019 program of aid from the Valencia Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) aimed at technological centers in the Valencia Community region for the development of R&D projects of a non-economic nature carried out in cooperation with companies.