Revista de Biomecánica 54 (Julio 2010)



– Development of use tests in automobile components.
– Setup of an assessment service for human body vibration analysis in laboratory and field.
– INESPORT, the Spanish Sport Industry Technology Platform, is working in the development of the Strategic Innovation Agenda of the sector.
– Aquatic park: safety leisure.
– SIMPLIT certificate: Case study on ISABA healthy circuit.
– Multi-disciplinary consulting project for indoor restoration and renovation equipment in the BANCAJA SOROLLA corporative building.
– EMOLUZIONA: reinventing the sale process of lamps moving the customer.
– Development of a methodology for virtual evaluation of fitting of helmets.
-Consulting on the development of a new children’s shoe based on biomechanical criteria for the transition stage between crawling and walking.
-Transport and elderly people. Buying habits and usage problems.
– Cost-benefit analysis of the extension of Home Care Services with assistive products in dependent older persons.
– Design of equipment to facilitate the exploration and treatment of persons in wheelchairs.
– Tremor suppression by Functional Electrical Stimulation.
– Development of a system for postural control assessment in patients with visual conflict.
– CvidaMutuas/IBV assists to manage the purchase of large buyers of the Care Quality of Life sector.
– Ergonomic Handbook for Metal Industry Machines.
– New Service of Biomechanical Evaluation for work return.
– Last 9.0 update for Ergo/IBV, a software tool for ergonomic and psychosocial risks assessment.
– Assessment of novel biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration. BIOSCAFF-Hueso Project.
– Finite element models and mechanical testing for cervical plate assessment.
– Functional analysis of a website in the hospitality sector focused on usability criteria.