Revista de Biomecánica 55 (Enero 2011)



– First Forum on Innovation, Economy and Quality of Life.
– New IBV resources: Vehicle trials on track and four-wheel drive.
– Image perception of bus transportation: potentials and improvement actions.
– ECOTURF. Implementation of an eco-efficient and cost-effective extended lifecycle management service for artificial turf based on improved maintenance operations and waste revalue (reuse and recycling).
– Accessible stands.
– Accreditation course of rubber continuous pavement installers on playgrounds.
– 4Senses: Gaining knowledge in-depth about sensory interaction between human. beings and environments for new ceramic products and services development.
– PieSanto, valencian footwear company, refocuses its products to the new consumer “senior woman”.
– The IBV receives the first conference WEAR in Spain on innovation across the anthropometry.
– Development of user-friendly products.
– IBV transferred functional assessment methods to more than 280 medical centers after 30 years researching.
– Development of ergonomic training materials for workers in the construction sector.
– Development of value-added implants by means of rapid manufacturing techniques. MEDIFUTUR Project.
– Assessment and ergonomic design of the couch for the mammograph MAMMI
– Quality perception in events and celebrations sector.