Revista de Biomecánica 56 (Junio 2011)



– Development of haptic technologies for the interaction with vehicles in the project MARTA.
– Development of a prediction model of acoustic discomfort in high-speed train passenger cars.
– Inesport presents the Strategic Agenda of Spanish Sport Industry.
– Safety of sports facilities in schools.
– IBV Evaluation and Assessment on Bedding Systems.
– Opportunities for Innovation in Hospitals.
– NUUBO, the T-shirt with heart.
– Development of a soccer boot for artificial turf.
– Development of social networks for elder persons, continuity of real and virtual worlds. SI-Screen.
– Joystick driving of adapted vehicles by people with disabilities.
– Hand strength and fatigue analysis on healthy Spanish population.
– New product NedLabor / IBV: Method for Worker Return to Job.
– Tele-rehabilitation of upper limb after stroke. TELEREHAB project.
– Introducing Participatory Ergonomics in companies.
– Safety integration of people with disabilities at the Chemical Industry field.
– Polymeric and flexible biomaterials for spinal fusion.
– Development of novel metallic porous biomaterials by microspheres sintering.
– Services adapted to older tourists.
– Emotional communication keys of the hotel offer to improve the capture of the client 2.0.