Revista de Biomecánica 57 (Diciembre 2011)



– Avoiding driver drowsiness.
– Driving Monitoring System implementable in any means of transport.
– Ensuring the quality of sports facilities.
– The user as a key element for the improvement of mountain backpacks.
– “Cuida tu casa” a new concept of specialized distribution.
– Improvement of the energy efficiency of your office.
– New protective garment for the “shellfish gatherer on foot” in Galicia.
– Innovation for Children.
– Older people: learning how to purchase.
– The biomechanics contributes to the objective analysis of lumbar pathology.
– Bye bye skin colour.
– Good practices to adapt jobs for older people.
– Good practices for the prevention of risks associated with shift work for older workers in the chemical industry sector.
– New non-invasive absolute Intracranial Pressure (aICP) measurement device.
– e-learning Project about osteosynthesis and fracture management.
– Innovation in Balneario de Chulilla thermal services.
– Incorporating user feedback into the design, a new methodology.