Revista de Biomecánica 62 (2015)



– ErgoVidrio: playing “seriously” for prevention in the Glass industry.
– Anthropometry, the guarantee for clothing that fits right.
– NedLabor/IBV, an application to evaluate the functional capacity of workers.
– The IBV successfully supports the participation of Spanish companies in the Horizon 2020 dedicated SME Instrument.
– Suitability of the biomechanical assessment used to monitor the progress of cervical spine injuries caused by traffic accidents.
– Bring easy to use Bank services to senior citizens.
– PULSAMED. Pulsatile extracorporeal circulation system.
– EIT Health: Innovation in healthy living and active ageing.
– InstantShoe. Footwear customisation based on “shape memory” materials.
– Natural Grass “versus” hybrid grass.
– How to make it easy to evaluate the manual material handling.
– PUMA: Goodbye to pressure ulcers.
– eValanz System. Balance Assessment and Rehabilitation.
– Nanotechnology improves the anti-slip properties of profesional footwear.