Revista de Biomecánica 64 (2017)




– Test FRPLumbar. A simple use of Surface EMG
– Design of virtual drivers to assess driver assistance systems: driver cognitive model
– Using digital human models to study the ergonomics of the seated posture in automotive sector
– Making possible 3D foot scanning technology from any smartphone
– New shoe size allocator for sales over the Internet
– Promotion of healthy aging at home and caring for the caregiver. Collaborative system: Wetakecare
– MANMADE. Designing jobs that are tailored to people
– FallSkip: Assessment of therisk of falling in elderly people
– The importance of training in ergonomics at all company levels. The case of CEE Dr. Schneider
– Success of IBV and its companies in European programmes 2014-2017
– Why should companies implement actions to promote health among workers?