Revista de Biomecánica 66 (2019)



-NedAMHPlus. A simple protocol of comprehensive gait assessment for clinical application.

-Healthcare innovation in the management of the risk of falls among elderly people in Primary Care.

-SUMMAT. Promoting healthy people and businesses.

-Kinemov/IBV. A tool that simplifies the analysis of human movements.

-Can anterior cruciate ligament injuries in football players be prevented? KneeMotion, a new tool from IBV for the functional assessment of the knee.

-Evaluation of the impact of the use of an upper limb exoskeleton in real conditions. Ford´s case.

-Development of technologies for the Post- Market Clinical Follow-up of medical devices and evaluation of key performance indicators for hospital based on biomechanical functional assessment.

-The ideal training tool to keep artificial turf fields in optimal conditions.

-MOVE 4D. IBV develops the most advanced scanning system for the human body in motion.

-Co-creation + Biomechanics: keys to the successful design of a knee orthosis

-Improving the well-being of the elderly through physiological-response and gaze-recording techniques.