Revista de Biomecánica 67 (2020)



-The IBV solution for the 3D scanning of impression foams and unloaded feet.

-The IBV strengthens its position as a reference center in sport.

-Making autonomous vehicle decisions more human. Project SUaaVE.

-BASE PROTECTION, chooses IBV technology to recommend the model and size of footwear that best suits each user.

-NedCodo/IBV, Making biomechanical assessment of the elbow easy and objective.

-Artificial grass in municipal sports facilities. From the tender to its maintenance.

-Implications of the new MDR (EU 2017/745) for Class I medical devices.

-The challenge of facing the aging population in companies: proposals from the field of ergonomic.

-The Importance of the ergonomic verification and selection of hand tool.

-Six editions and 220 students in the Master’s Degree in Clinical Biomechanical Assessment at the UPV: keys to its success in Spain and Latin America.

-The Company MAXCOLCHON invests in People- Oriented Innovation.