Revista de Biomecánica 68 (2021)



-Does an ankle with a history of sprains fully recover its functionality? Preliminary results of a study with personnel from the Military Emergency Unit

-HAV: Human Autonomous Vehicle. Laboratory for the analysis of Human Factors in autonomous vehicles

-MOVE 4D. A new success story of the IBV knowledge and technology transfer promotion model

-Development of a multichannel device for advanced resection of rectal tumors using flexible endoscopy and transanal endoscopic surgery UNI-VEC®

-USER-CHI: Promoting electromobility by improving the experience of Electric Vehicle drivers

-FallSkip: contributions to the clinical field

-Do electrophysical modalities provide effective treatment of peripheral lesions? Results of a systematic review

-The IBV is committed to Europe. Results of our participation in European programs, 2014-2020

-Clinical utility of NedAMHPlus/IBV in gait assessment. A case report