Revista de Biomecánica 70 (2023)



– Health and Deep Thermovision: Applications of Thermal Imaging in Preditive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine

– NedSVE/IBV, a new concept in the assessment and rehabilitation of postural balance

– Biomechanical assessment of the lumbar spine using NedLumbar/IBV: apropos a case of intervertebral disc degeneration

– Evaluation of the ergonomic impact of exoeskeletons in the workplace. Methodology and analytical approach

– Diadora and IBV: the perfect tandem for the design of new safety footwear for women

– iMoLab: Intelligent Mobility Laboratory

– The IBV enters the race to ensure the quality of natural turf pitches for the 2030 World Cup in Spain

– UVISA HEALTH invests in user-centered design in the development of its new product

– AI3CORD: IoT devices and Artificial Intelligence to monitor and prevent frailty in the older people