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At the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) we have developed technologies that allow 3D reconstruction of the foot, using a smartphone or portable devices. We offer products like 3D Avatar Feet, an App that captures the 3D shape of the foot using just only three photos, wiht easy integration in footwear design processes or ecommerce companies.

And DOMEscan/IBV, the best digital foot scanner on the market for POS. In just a few seconds it generates the digital reconstruction of the foot shape and calculates its measurements, recommending the best shoe size.

Easy integration

with your bussines model. dosen’t require technical knowledge to be used.

High precision

for its different application, such as virtual tests, customized measurements or shoes size idntification.


3D scanning technology for feet, both in physical format (scanner) an in App for iOS/Android.


great use for any type of retail and/or foot company (fashion, luxury, sports, workplace)

 3D Avatar feet sends the images to the cloud where all the processing takes place in less than 1 minute, returning the foot in 3D and more than 20 measurements.
It offers the best solution for 3D foot reconstruction in retail, improving the in-store shopping experience. It attracts more customers and increases sales opportunities, as well as providing you with interesting information about your customers.
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