Development of a comprehensive system for self-assessment of accessibility in tourist facilities (TurAccess/IBV)

IBV has developed a comprehensive service to evaluate and improve accessibility in tourist accommodation. It enables companies in the sector to carry out self-diagnoses and take the necessary action to improve and provide accessible, high-quality tourist services.


IBV has developed a tool that gives tourist accommodation companies the possibility to learn the current situation in their establishments in terms of comprehensive accessibility in order to identify deviations and draw up a prioritised action plan to remedy them. It also gives the necessary technical assistance for the accommodations to apply the plan successfully by taking steps to ensure the levels of quality and accessibility required by customers within the applicable regulations and legal context.

As a result of this service, the tourist accommodation can comprehensively improve its level of accessibility. This benefits customers, those accompanying them and professionals in the industry by enabling them to create accessible tourism services that ensure the quality of tourism for the whole populace. It thus helps improve companies’ competitiveness and differentiation, while guiding strategic action to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The project’s aim is to develop and set up a comprehensive service of assessment and improvement for accessibility in tourist accommodation in order to give an effective response in the industry to companies’ need to learn and improve the situation of accessibility in such accommodation. This new service takes into account the laws and regulations applicable to accessibility in each autonomous region of Spain.


Collaborating companies




Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV)

Duration and reference no.

Start date: 01-03-2008
End date: 31-12-2008
Project reference no.: ÑOV-002/08


  Project partially subsidised by Agència Valenciana de Turisme (Valencia Tourist Board) as part of the programmes for action to support the tourism sector in 2008.