Optician 2020 Final Review

29 November 2016

Barcelona, 17th November.

The final review of the Optician 2020 project took place on November, 17th. The meeting was hosted by Eurecat in their premises on Cerdanyola with the organization support of INDO. IBV atended the meeting.

The Optician 2020 Consortium presented the Optician 2020 ophthalmic industry paradigm for delivering personalised spectacles, the key enabling technologies developed and deployed to make it real, the industrial scalability studies conducted, the validation results obtained after demonstrating the feasibility of this new paradigm and business models based on close-to-optician mini-factories on two initial cluster of networked mini-factories, as well as all the dissemination and communication activities performed and the path to exploitation designed for reaching the market.

Optician2020 - Flexible and on-demand manufacturing of customized spectacles by close-to-optician production clusters - is a 3-year-project (2015-04-01 to 2016-09-30) co-funded by the European Commission within the Factories of the Future initiative of the 7th Framework Programme.

Optician 2020 impacts the industry with important economic and environmental aspects, reducing time-to-market (75% reduction), achieving competitive delivery times (23 days and 15 days foreseen) and reducing the environmental footprint (50-62%) compared to conventional processes for manufacturing spectacles. It also impacts the society with great benefits for the consumer, such as better purchase experience, improved ergonomic comfort and aesthetics, better optical quality and providing him with an exclusive and fashionable product.

The Optician 2020 Consortium
Optician2020 consortium comprises 10 partners from 6 European countries: 2 RTD performing institutions, 5 SMEs and 3 LE representing the strong industrial involvement. It brings together a wealth of expertise and resources within the areas of advanced manufacturing, personalised design, knowledge-based engineering for production, sustainable industrial production technologies, anthropometrics and ergonomics of human-product interaction, all joint under the vision care industry.

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