European Meetings of Company Sport

The project aims at promoting the benefits of the physical activity in the workplace and to get it to be a public commitment in each European country.


Two international events will be organized throughout the project:

1. The first one will take place in Paris in September 2018. A fair, a conference with round tables and a marathon relay will be organized. The participating teams will be companies from different European countries.

2. The second one, in June 2019, will be a workshop that will bring together different experts in occupational health promotion with the aim of sharing and proposing good practices and new methodologies to develop sports activity at work.

The realization of these activities should generate the basis for the creation of a European seal for companies in reference to the practice of sport at work.

Empresas colaboradoras


Health in the workplace and Sport


EMOCS is a consortium of 9 organizations from 6 European countries uniting local, national and international stakeholders, actors in the world of sport, industry and healt.


Fédéreation Européenne du sport d’enterprise (European Federation of Company Sport)


Italian Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers Assosport (Italy)

Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (Belgium)

Think Tank Sport and Citizenship (France)

The regional sports federation Liiku (Finland)

Sports federation FROS Multisport Vlaanderen (Belgium)

National Olympic Committee Slovenia

French Federation for Company Sport FFSE (France)

Instituto de Biomecánica - IBV (Spain)


Duración y referencia

Fecha de inicio: 01-01-2018
Fecha de finalización: 31-12-2019
Referencia del proyecto: N°590471-EPP-1-2017-FR-SPO-SCP.

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